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Happy Birthday, Heather!

Today is a special day: Heather is celebrating her birthday. I wish her all the best and a wonderful day!
12/22/2016, Posted by Kevin

New Articles

"I died in the first Blair Witch film.I can't wait for the new one!" - Read here!
"The Blair Witch Project's Heather Donahue is Alive and Well" - Read here!

In both articles Heather discusses her thoughts on the new Blair Witch film and other current projects, she is working on.
09/19/2016, Posted by Kevin

Rare Interview (1999)
Someone just uploaded a very rare interview from 1999 on Youtube. You can listen to the full interview here!
08/09/2016, Posted by Kevin

Picture Of The Moment
02/08/2016, Posted by Kevin

Nevada City Film Festival
Heather attened Nevada City Film Festival , showing for the first time ever "The High Country. You can read the full article by clicking here!
11/05/2015, Posted by Kevin

New article published a brand new article in wich Heather talks about life, legalization and "The high country. Click here!
11/01/2015, Posted by Kevin

Photo - Update: Blair Witch Interviews Caps

Blair Witch Rare Interview - Caps

11/01/2015, Posted by Kevin

Gallery Update
"The High Country" - Pilot (2015) - Trailer Captures

07/26/2015, Posted by Kevin

"The High Country": Official Trailer!
Its finally here: The first official trailer of "The High Country". You can watch the amazing clip by clicking on the link below. Make sure that you dont miss Heather's little cameo appearance.

"The High Country" - Official Trailer
07/24/2015, Posted by Kevin

Gallery Update
"Days of the Dead" Convention - November 2013 (18 Captures)

Watch the full interview here!
07/14/2015, Posted by Kevin

New Layout has a brand new layout. I hope you like it :-)!
07/08/2015, Posted by Kevin

News: "The High Country": First Clip!
The Pilot of Heathers new TV - project "The High country" (initially called "Gass Valley") is finished. Just click on the link below to watch a little clip from the pilot.

Heather is not acting anymore but according to an article, she will have a little cameo,so stay tuned!

"The High Country" - First Look!
06/28/2015, Posted by Kevin

The Blair Witch Project: New "Limited Edition" Release (Germany) has listed a brand new Release of "The Blair Witch Project" to be released in June, which is limited to 1000. The new Mediabox will contain the uncut movie - version on  DVD and Blu - Ray. Check out all details below:

16-sided booklet
Director and Producer Commentary
Curse of The Blair Witch
Alternative Endings
Newly Discovered Footage

You can preorder this new release here!
05/25/2015, Posted by Kevin

Gallery Update
I added a beautiful photo from an official shoot into the gallery, which was taken back in 2002 for the mini series "Taken". Just click on the thumbnail below to view it in full size.

04/03/2015, Posted by Kevin

Exclusive Photos
Missy of allowed me to share 3 amazing photos.She took them on various conventions over the past few years. Just click on the thumbnail to view them in full size. Make sure to visit Missys amazing website at The

03/01/2015, Posted by Kevin

Gallery Update
"The Tonight Show" (2000) - 65 Captures

02/12/2015, Posted by Kevin

Unreleased Photo (Blair Witch Headshot)

02/10/2015, Posted by Kevin

3rd Anniversary Release of "Growgirl"
Happy New Year Everyone! This month marks the 3rd Year Anniversary of Heather's first book publication "Growgirl". In case you don't have it yet, make sure to order your copy now.



"The book is a dense and breezy read full of extraordinarily intimate details…”
(Michael Musto )
01/02/2015, Posted by Kevin

Merry Christmas!
Merry christmas to everyone and very happy holidays!

25/21/2014, Posted by Kevin

Happy Birthday, Heather!
Today is a special day: Heather is celebrating her 41th birthday. I wish her all the best and a wonderful day!
22/21/2014, Posted by Kevin

New Look! has a brand new design. I hope you like it!
12/21/2014, Posted by Kevin

"The Velvet Tigress" on Vimeo!
"The Velvet Tigress" is an award  - winnig short animation project, that Heather did back in 2001. I finally found it online and I'm excited to share the link with you.

Watch "The Velvet Tigress" online
12/21/2014, Posted by Kevin

9th Year Anniversary! is celebrating its 9th year anniversary this december! Big thanks to all visitors, affiliates and of course Heather for being such an amazing inspiration to me and all of her fans! It's still so much fun to have this website to honour Heather and I will do my best to keep everything up to date.Kevin
12/12/2014, Posted by Kevin