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Boys & Girls

Release: 06/16/2000
Genre: Comedy
Heather's Character: Megan
Director: Robert Iscove
Writers: Andrew Lowery, Andrew Miller
Runtime: 94 minutes


Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Down To You, She's All That) and Claire Forlani (Mystery Men, Meet Joe Black) ride a fun rollercoaster to romance in this sexy comedy hit! Shy bookworm Ryan (Prinze) and the outgoing, free-spirited Jennifer (Forlani) couldn't be more different. So when they first meet, they can't stand each other. When they meet again, they loathe each other! But when they finally reconnect in college, all that friction eventually explodes into red-hot romantic fireworks! With hilarious friends Jason Biggs (American Pie), Amanda Detmer (Final Destination) and Heather Donahue (The Blair Witch Project) along to pump up the fun, you'll laugh along as these irresistible boys and girls sort out all of love's confusing complexities! (

Boys & Girls

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